Gant Rugger: Team Americano
Gant Rugger: Team Americano



  • GANT Rugger Team Americano

    Team Americano is comprised of a group of American guys living in New York, who are all intimately connected to the industry in one way or another. They are heading off on a long awaited journey that will take them from NYC to Italy. Their hearts, minds and wardrobes have been set on this trip since forever ago. And we get to accompany our friends on their epic trip. A journey that lasts just a few days but will leave them with memories for a lifetime.

    Team Americano

    First stop: Pitti Uomo, the Holy Grail of menswear. A melting pot of style, tradition, sprezzatura, photographers, bloggers, models, designers. Rookies popping their Pitti cherry for the first time, in awe of the old masters. We have the low keys, the high enders, the peacocks, the playboys, the tired salesmen, the bloggers, the shooting stars, the original dudes, the crême de la crême.

    Classic pieces, new takes

    And it’s here, in the middle of all this, we find our friends. Everyone and everything is here. And for a few days, the world’s eyes are turned on a scorching hot Firenze where American Sportswear meets its Italian cousins to create a loving mix of bold and understated, classic and new.

    After two days spent scowering the area, shooting every guy worth a post, noting every nuance in every outfit, it’s time to kick back and go into vacanza mode. They hit a not-sorandomly picked seaside village on the Italian Riviera. Free from foreign tourists “Dude, we’re NOT tourists; we’re an internet sensation!”

    The journey GANT Rugger began a few seasons ago, breaking the mold of American Sportswear, continues. Slowly changing the game with a balanced mix of new takes on classic pieces. Wearable to the extreme while still looking like a million bucks or a gazillion Lira.

    We’ve made sure our guys have a perfect wardrobe for this journey – and their next one, to wherever that may take them.