GANT Rugger People


Posted on: September 26, 2013: 12:44:33
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True story. The hashtag #girlsingantrugger started a few years ago in the US when we opened our first GANT Rugger shop at 353 Bleecker St in New York’s west village neighborhood. We discovered that girls were coming in and buying our shirts!

They loved the ‘boyfriend’ look and we happily agreed. Not caring that GANT Rugger is a menswear brand, these dudettes made us an integral part of their NYC wardrobe. Shortly thereafter we did a blog post using #girlsingantrugger and eventually our most dedicated female fans began adopting the hashtag as their own when posting pics online. And voilà the #girlsingantrugger movement was born!

Swedish stylist Columbine Smille is one of these girls. We invited Columbine over to the Stockholm home of Christopher Bastin, GANT’s Creative Director. With free access to the GANT Rugger fall/winter 2013 collection. With her killer style she picked out her favorites and mixed it up with pieces from her own wardrobe. All documented by photographer Tobias Lundqvist.